Free Plants Programme

Our Free Plants Programme brings boxes of vegetable plants to our community. Every year, we distribute over 3000 plants on a #paywhatyoucan basis (where #freeisfine – ‘can’ means something different for everyone).

The plants are grown my Mairi and Seamus at Highlandseedlings with help from our garden volunteers, and sign ups usually open in February. You can sign up for your 2023 box here.

Each box contains 20 plug plants, ready to plant into your own garden. They usually contain about 10 different varieties – things like lettuce, radish, broccoli, kale, beans, peas, beetroot, broad beans, rocket, spring onion. We also grow tomatoes for those who have the room to grow them.

Your donations help to keep the programme going. In 2023, Highlandseedlings were lucky to receive funding from the Pebble Trust for a new polytunnel, module trays and compost. Each year, the programme costs about £300 to run, so if everyone donates £3 we break even, and at £6 we have raised enough to continue the programme